Unisource Capital Group LLC

Health Care and Medical Financing

We help provide loans to doctors, dentists, and others in the healthcare profession. We can help
offer your practice debt consolidation, expansion loans, improvement loans, working capital,
equipment financing and practice acquisition loans.

Working Capital

Practice loans to medical professionals can be used to enhance or improve your practice in any
way that you see fit. We can help you get terms of up to 72 months and no upfront payments.
Also loans are not reported on the personal credit bureau. The proceeds of these loans can be
used for almost any purpose.

  • Personal Needs
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Practice Expansion

Application Only to $75,000. Full Financials up to $250,000.

Medical Equipment Leasing

Choose from several different payment options including up to 50% for soft costs. A simultaneous lease and loan can be arranged.

Practice Acquisitions

Whether you are buying into a practice, or just buying out a current partner, Unisource Capital Group LLC can help provide you with the capital to meet your needs. We help offer one hundred percent financing to all qualified medical professionals. This program is a great option for Healthcare professionals looking for rapid growth!

Debt Consolidation

Unisource Capital Group LLC has the resources to help refinance your debt in to a single low monthly payment. With approval in 24 hours and debts settled within a week, you don’t have to let revolving debt take over your practice. Our experienced team can help provide solutions to your capital needs.

Contact us today and we will forward you an application! Or call and speak with one of our qualified professionals!